There’s supposed to be a resume here. My resume. I know because my most recent business card says so.

Unfortunately this version of my website doesn’t have one.

The last version of this website had one. Real nice, too. Had a section with all my most significant accomplishments, along with my past employment history, education, and all the usual stuff. Each one linked to a separate page where you could read the sales pitch fascinating details and be suitably impressed.

The whole thing was driven by a plugin designed for presenting and updating resumes (or résumés, for those who prefer correct foreign-language punctuation), complete with custom post types and which I had further enhanced to include “star stories“ — accomplishment stories used by job seekers that focus on situations, tasks, actions, and results. Very nice, very fancy.

And very broken when I updated WordPress as part of my massive revision of this site.

Being someone who is … let’s say “efficient” when it comes to working on things like my website, I didn’t waste spend the time to fix that plugin. Instead I simply dropped the page completely, figuring that I’d get around to correcting things eventually.

QR Code (resume)Well, eventually still hasn’t arrived, but since I’ve started passing out business cards again I guess I’d better put something here for the QR Code on the card to link to. This is it.


In the meantime the most up-to-date resume of mine can be found on LinkedIn. While it is the latest and greatest version, I’m sure there’s something I’ve done since then that should be added but hasn’t.

Oh well!

Kurt Schweitzer

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