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Printer Woes

I have this little 140 page document I want to print, so I finally decided to set up my “print server”, a Dell PC running Windows Vista with a HP C4180 all-in-one and a Dell laser printer connected. I spent the morning vacuuming the grills and trying to find cables to connect everything. I’m using my TV as the monitor (I can almost read it without my glasses!) and everything is stuffed into my “entertainment center”.

I couldn’t find a VGA and a USB cable, so I bought replacements. $35. Oh, and while I have lots of paper I want to print this on postcards, so I had to buy more of those. $56. Combine these with some other stuff I got for this project and I’m already $132 in the hole.

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Playing with Font Awesome

[Update 20170616 – I’m sorry to say that the Font Awesome plugin used in this post doesn’t work as of WordPress 4.8. Too bad, it was fun!]

Font Awesome is a set of icon fonts, developed to be compatible with Bootstrap, one of the most popular front-end frameworks and open source projects in the world.

For this exercise I’m using the Font Awesome Icons plugin, which lets me insert icons into a post via shortcodes and a pull-down added to the editor. Since I don’t know any of the names used by the icons, that seemed to be the simplest way to go. [That didn’t seem to work, so I’m trying to use the font directly, via icon <i> tags.]

Let’s try some:

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The dangers of editing a published post

Yesterday, after a week of working, polishing, and dithering, I published my first “how-to” post. Yay me.

I was really happy to find a plugin called SyntaxHighlighter Evolved to make my code stand out from the supporting text. It allows me to copy my source code into the post editor and preserve things like spacing while also highlighting different language elements.

But …

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Hello World Redux

Hello world! Welcome to the relaunch (yet again) of my website. It’s been here since, oh, I don’t know, 2004? No, 2003. Eleven years. Makes me feel old.

Anyway, this time around I am implementing it as a WordPress site — using WordPress as the blogging and content management system. At least, that’s what’s supposed to happen.

Unfortunately, I like to tweak things. Make changes. Break things, and then try to fix them. But I only like fixing things that I’ve broken. I’m not wild about fixing other people’s mistakes. So I’m warning any visitors in advance that this site will be changing its appearance at unpredictable times. If you’re nice you’ll give me feedback about what you like and don’t like. If you’re really nice you’ll also let me know when you find the site broken, so that I can go about fixing it (or start ranting about whatever evil outside influence broke it on me!)


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