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Content is King: How to Take It to the Next Level

The article 5 Secrets to Take Your Content to the Next Level at reminds us that Content is King and offers five suggestions to help amplify your content and move your website higher in search engine rankings. As a writer I’m most in favor of their first tip Tell a Story:

One way to amplify your content is to tell a story that engages readers. Content is designed to start a conversation or develop a relationship with a current or potential customer. The ultimate goal is to turn a prospect into a customer or to encourage a current customer to purchase from you again.

Check it out and see if these tips make sense to you.

I’m a Certified Hootsuite Professional!

Hootsuite Certified Professional

Wow! Look at me! I’m now a Certified Hootsuite Professional!

What does this mean? Well, what it really means is that I’ve taken a course and passed a test on using Hootsuite, a popular means for managing social media messages. The tool is very good for Twitter messages, of course (consider the name), but it also connects to Facebook (accounts, pages, and groups), Google+, Pinterest, Flickr, YouTube, Tumblr, and even WordPress blogs. (Yes, I suppose I could have written this post on Hootsuite and posted it here from there, but I wanted to use the new WordPress 4.0 interface.)

Anyway, I’m trying to learn how to use Social Media for marketing, particularly for my writing, so this is just one part of my education. The fact that I get a nice little certificate is just a bonus!