Rising from the ashes, again.

It’s been a couple years. Much life has happened in that time, to me and probably to you. It’s time for me to resume an active presence on the Web.

I have been doing a lot of writing of late — over 250,000 words this year alone. I confess they aren’t all good words, but some of them are. In fact some of them are ready to share with my fans, or at least the people who drop by my website. I intend to resume posting my fiction on this website. The best of it will be protected by a “paywall” via Patreon. I hate to do this to you, but I have to eat, too. Plus I intend to offer some unique opportunities to people who have pledged to support me, at least a little.

This post is mostly an effort to get my feet wet at using Patreon. Hey! We all have to start somewhere!

As Bartles & Jaymes used to say, “We thank you for your support.”

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