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Example Chat

[The following is from a piece called Company Picnic I wrote for the RocNaNo blog.]

“Hey guys! Looks like lunch is here!”

“Great! I can hardly wait!”

“Me too! I wonder what’s on the menu today?”

“I don’t really care. I just hope it’s enough!”

“Yeah, I hear ya. Remember our last company picnic?”

“That was a disaster! Rachel said the caterer messed up the order, the caterer said Rache only ordered for two hundred instead of two thousand, and everybody went hungry.”

“Terrible mess, that was.”

Example Link

This is a post format that I’ve never used. Here’s a link to First Draft Fiction. Ooo! That’s cool – the title of the post becomes the link! I guess the body is supposed to be the description of where the link goes.

This is an example of a post formatted as an Aside. Different themes will display asides differently. They tend to be short, and without a title (at least in the main blog listing).